Membership Application

Name(s):  _________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address:  ___________________________________________________________
Property Address:  ________________________________________, Va. Beach, VA, 23451
Home Phone:  _____________________        Cell Phone:  ___________________________
*E-Mail Address:  ______________________________________________________________
*To notify you of pertinent announcements, such as Health Dept. water quality warnings or alternate traffic pattern changes due to special events.
Number of People in your Household:  ___________
Please check any areas of interest you would like to assist the NVBCL with:
_____  Beautification Committee   _____  Board of Directors
_____  Flag Committee                   _____  Hospitality Committee
_____  Party Committee                  _____  Website Committee
Annual dues are $20.00 per household; please make your check payable to “North Virginia Beach Civic League.”  Please mail completed application and check to the address at the bottom of this page.
I hereby apply for membership in the North Virginia Beach Civic League.
Signature:  ___________________________________
Date:  ____________________________________
Treasurer – NVBCL
P.O. Box 1676
Virginia Beach, VA 23451