Beaches & Recreation

Beaches & Recreation
There are new recycle containers that have been placed on the beach and the City bought a special truck that can empty them.  So, please use them!

The city’s sand replenishment project has been delayed. The contractor was called off to work on Sandbridge before finishing our neighborhood.  Current estimate is that they will come back in late June starting at 46th St. and finish this summer up in the 70’s.

Recently, Beach Operations removed all volleyball poles at the North End (54 sets). As a result of negotiations between the civic league and Public Works we can continue playing beach volleyball under the following conditions:

– Develop volleyball court locations at no more than one court per block.

– The court will be located at the base of the dune system and will not impact maintenance of the beach including beach access.

– The poles will be no larger than 6”x6” wooden post imbedded in beach sand. The poles will be embedded such that they can be removed when needed.  Concrete of other material will not be used as part of the anchoring system.

– The NVBCL will provide names, address, and phone numbers, associated with the court location, to Beach Operations. Beach Operations will keep a database of the information.

– Beach Operations will meet on the beach with the court responsible party and agree on the location of the court.

There has been at least one member that has asked to “adopt” the doggie bag dispenser at the crosswalk. The city is amenable to this.  If you would like to get a key and replacement bags for the dispenser near you, contact Ron Pearson at 428-6634. Just a reminder:  Dogs are forbidden on the beach between 10 am and 6 pm until Labor Day. Please educate your neighbors/visitors!

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The city has established a direct link to all resort projects:

 Other Important Numbers:

1.     Second precinct 385-2700

2.     Police non Emergency 385-5000

3.     Neighborhood Preservation  385-5750

4.     Street lights  385-4131..BUT here email works BEST to  telling them the street & Pole number

5.     Drain problems 385-1470

6.     Waste Management 385-4650

7.     Landscape Management (currently Symsi Houser for visibility problems) 385-4693

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